Edge Crush Tester in Baddi

ECT machine or Edge crush test machine is utilized by paper and packaging industry for performing ECT/RCT/FCT test on material. It is suitable for testing corrugated sheets, paperboards, fibreboards etc. Distinct types of fixtures are available with the machine to perform different tests. Various Industries can easily access Edge Crush Tester in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and all other regions in India and even at global platform.


Paperboard material has several properties which are must for testing and evaluation as depending upon them the applications are decided and the materials are categorized. Edge Crush strength of paperboards can be tested using Edge Crush testing Machine. The test equipment is a digital model and is entirely based upon a microprocessor program. It can perform all three crush strength test (ECT/RCT/FCT) and evaluate material’s edge strength, ring crush strength and flat crush strength. The fixtures are specially designed for the three distinct test modes. The digital display screen records force values precisely. The machine exerts uniform amount of pressure on the test sample and the point at which the resistance of the sample becomes zero and it starts to crush, it is recorded instantly. The Edge Crush Tester can be availed from Baddi, other industrial towns and across the world.

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