Edge Crush Tester in Bangalore

The edge crush testing equipment is a vital machine for testing the crush strength resistance of corrugated or plain fibreboard material. It is designed as per international test standards so that the test results can be accepted worldwide. Now you can purchase Edge Crush Tester in Bangalore, Karnataka.


Conducting the edge crush test or ECT on fibreboard material is vital for it quality standardization and categorization as per their respective application. Similarly performing Ring crush test (RCT) and flat crush test (FCT) on the specimen holds major importance in evaluating the quality of the material. The machine designed by presto can perform all the three tests by using distinct fixtures. The clamps are strong enough to assure zero slippage guarantee. With tight clamping it is ensured that the test sample will not move during the test leading to zero error. Other than this load cell is fitted on the travel length area. It assures uniform distribution of compression load on the product. Safety limit switches will help the user to limit the travel length of the fixtures and can be set as per the industry requirements. The controls are based on a microprocessor program which records accurate force value and display on a digital screen. Purchase Edge Crush Tester in Bangalore with all the required technical support.

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