Edge Crush Tester in Haridwar

Edge crush testing machine is used to perform crush strength on fibreboard material or paperboard material. The crush strength is an important factor to evaluate the quality of corrugated boxes. Now have Edge Crush Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand maintaining the standard of the material.


The corrugated boxes or carton boxes are made up of fibreboard or paperboard material. These sheets are also evaluated to check their quality before manufacturing a complete box. The material is designed as per the industry requirements. The criteria are set as per the applications. For instance, if the box shall be used in storing heavy weight goods. The material they will be manufactured of must be strong enough to carry such weight and do not get buckled. The crushing strength of the fibreboard material is tested using crush strength tester. The machine is equipped with strong fixtures to hold the specimen tight and the fixtures are available for conducting all the three types of crushing tests. There is a ring crush test, flat crush test, and edge crush test. The values are recorded digitally and are precision based using a microprocessor-based software program. Now have Edge Crush Tester in Haridwar with all the features and technical specifications of the machine.

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