Edge Crush Tester in Mumbai

Edge Crush Strength Tester is utilized for estimating the crush strength of fibreboard, paperboard, and another type of carton material. It can perform all three ECT, FCT and RCT within one apparatus with distinct test grips. The test machine is equipped with a load cell and a digital display screen. Interested clients can now have Edge Crush Tester in Mumbai, Maharashtra along with all type of technical support and service support.


Carton boxes or corrugated boxes are popularly used for packaging purpose and in storage. They are also used for transporting products widely. During fulfilling these purposes they are expected to retain maximum strength and resistance against the compressive forces. The box material which is mostly fibreboard must deliver strength as expected as per application. Use of edge crush strength tester can help in determining the crush strength of the corrugated box material. The testing equipment is loaded with lots of features and advanced technology. Equipped with a NABL certified calibrated load cell which is used to distribute the crushing load equally on the specimen. The digital display screen on the machine is based on a high-tech microprocessor program which records the test value accurately. There are safety limit switches which limit the travel length of the testing space. Introduce a leading testing solution to your company by having Edge Crush Tester, now available in Mumbai.

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