Edge Crush Tester in Pantnagar

Crush tester machine used for fibreboard or corrugated paperboard material is widely used in the Packaging industry. The machine tests the quality of paperboard material and evaluates the crush strength. Get Edge Crush Tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand


The Crush testing machine has been used for evaluating the crushing load of a specimen under a different type of load exertion. There are three types of crushing test including Ring crush test, flat crush test, and edge crush test. The machine is equipped with specially designed clamps, each for performing distinct test types. It is controlled through digital operations using a digital display screen where the user can see the load values and microprocessor programmed operational buttons to set test factors. To initiate the test, the specimen is clamped using the specified fixture as per the test performed. The load value or pressure is set by using the feather touch control buttons. And test can be started by push button. The user can utilize safety limit switches for limiting the travel length of the test as per their industry standard. Purchase Edge Crush Tester in Pantnagar for performing accurate quality control in packaging.

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