Edge Crush Tester in Pune

The Edge crush testing machine is widely utilized in the paper & packaging vertical. They are used for testing the crush strength of the paperboard, corrugated board, fibreboard material. This the strength against compressive crushing forces. Now you can access Edge Crush Tester in Pune, Maharashtra with all the required features.


The corrugated carton boxes are a good example of strong and rigid container boxes. They are used in large amount for transporting, storage and packaging or even marketing. The reliability over these boxes is high due to their maximum resistance against crushing load compared to others. The manufacturers of the carton boards must ensure that if they want to improve their sale they must work on improving the crush strength quality of their material. For that, they need to implement a strict quality check using Edge crush testing machine. The tester is designed as per international test standards such as IS 7063. It can perform all the three modes of testing crush strength that is – Ring crush test, edge crush test and flat crush test. For all these three tests, the machine uses distinct types of fixtures. The sample gripping clamps are strong enough to hold the specimen tight while the test process in on. This ensures that the sample will not move an inch while application of crushing load on it. Get Edge Crush Tester in Pune, just connect with our team.

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