Gloss Meter Triangle in Mumbai

Gloss Meter is a detection instrument for gloss reflection. The device is used in inspection of the shine or gloss of the specimen material surface and helps the production team to resolve the gloss fixing issues as per industry requirement. The device is controlled automatically and is very simple to operate. Presto understands the need of quality control for evolving industrial regions of India that is why we are now delivering Gloss Meter Triangle in Mumbai, Maharashtra too.


The gloss is a vital and an aesthetic factor for many material surfaces. It is the light which falls on the material and reflection comes from the surfaces which generate the shine or gloss for the viewer. Most of the people believe that the glossy surface is a major selling point and more the gloss, better will be the sale. But it is not the case for everything. Sometimes excessive gloss may disturb the printing quality or even the original shade. And too much dullness can make the product look off compared to others. Therefore, it is very vital that the gloss of the surface must be fixed as per the industry criteria. The simplest test method for this is quantifying the gloss factor using a precise Gloss meter. The device is fitted with an HMI based touch screen display which is used for both test programming and test monitoring. To test the surface gloss, just place the specimen under the device and the gloss will be automatically estimated. One can conduct repeatable testing on a distinct area of the same product to compare the gloss consistency throughout the material. It can inspect gloss via three angles - at 20 degrees, 60 degrees and at 85 degrees. Gloss Meter Triangle can be easily available in Mumbai. Just contact our team and get the ideal testing solution.

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