Gloss Meter - Triangle in Pune

Gloss Measurement tool is used for inspecting reflective gloss from the surface of the material. It detects the amount of light which is reflected back from the specimen and quantify the reflected light in the form of test data. The machine is very simple to use and has an innovative design. Now one can access Gloss Meter Triangle in Pune, Maharashtra and experience the latest testing solution for gloss detection.


The gloss is a vital part for sale used by manufacturers of market leaders. It is noted that the gloss reflection on the product surface is the proof its surface quality and surface finishing. As per the marketing strategist, the gloss reflection plays an important role. The gloss impacts the customer buying decision and also the product appearance. Thus, it is important to note the gloss value precision based. The gloss meter is equipped with a large LCD screen which is used for both test results monitoring and programming test method. For instance, one can set the time, the parameters on which the test is to be performed etc. The detection section is on the base which smartly captures minute reflected rays from the surface. The device is made as per global test standards i.e. ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, ISO2813, and GB/T 9754. It can perform testing at three mode angles which are at 20 degrees, 60 and 85 degrees. The operator can also calibrate the tester as per their need and industry standards. One can now get Gloss Meter Triangle in Pune and across the globe.

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