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Elevated temperatures can have a significant impact on the physical properties of many materials. Either it can deteriorate the quality of the product or will lead to product damage. This can have a major impact on the performance of products and structures made from these materials. Thus, it is important for product manufacturers to test the physical properties of the materials at elevated temperatures so as to determine their quality.


Presto has launched a high-quality Hot air oven prima series which is the most advanced and reliable testing equipment designed to detect the change in the physical characteristics of the material and to ascertain the actual working life of the testing device at elevated temperatures.

This Laboratory Hot Air Oven – Prima works on forced air circulation, and thermal convection principle, and performs various types of tests like aging, heat deformation, compression set, and heat resistance required in rubber and plastic industries.
Presto time-tested hot air oven compiles of the double-walled chamber, wherein the inside wall is fabricated using heavy stainless steel and the outside wall is made of duly powder-coated mild steel. Besides this, it has been incorporated with an air circulation fan that will help to maintain the heat efficiency of the materials in this testing chamber. Presto is a leading hot air oven manufacturer in India and offers this quality testing equipment at the best prices. To know more about the hot air oven price, you can consult with us today.

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