Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Ahmedabad

The Bottle cutting machine is used for getting three separate sections of a PET or plastic bottles. The sections are further used for conducting section weight analysis. The machine slices the sections with high accuracy and leaves no uneven edges. Now you can also access the Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Just order by connecting with our team.


The PET bottles or containers are widely used in the food & beverage industry for packing juices, milk, soft drinks, sauces etc. and also are an important part of pharmaceuticals. They are undergone various types of quality testing and all have their own vital role. Section weight assessment is done by slicing the bottles into three sections naming, top, middle and bottom. The bottle cutting machine helps the user in getting precise cut Bottle sections. It uses Kanthal wires for cutting which is known to be a high-grade cutter.

The wires are heated and the temperature is controlled by a PID temperature controller. The heating can be managed using the digital display screen and its associative buttons. The wires distance from each other can be adjusted to set the length of sections to be cut. There are knobs to tighten up and loosen up the wires. The bottles of different shapes and sizes can be easily adjusted using clamps. Get Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Ahmedabad and have the best testing solution for PET bottles.


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