Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Mumbai

Bottle cutting machine is widely used in the PET bottle or container industry. It slices up the sample PET bottle into three parts so that each individual part can be weighed separately and section weight analysis can be conducted. It is suitable for testing a huge range of bottles or containers with distinct shapes and sizes. Now you can have Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Mumbai, Maharashtra and in other major cities of India.


The bottle cutting machine is a unique testing machine which is utilized for slicing PET bottle in three parts. The cut sections of the bottle are further utilized for conducting quality control examination like section weight assessment. In this test process, the bottle is sliced into three precise sections i.e. top, middle and bottom parts and weighed separately. It is believed that the separate weight of the bottle must match the industry requirement and in case they are not fulfilling the criteria, then there must be a quality defect and the PET bottle is directly rejected. Therefore, the machine utilized for cutting of PET bottles must deliver precision while slicing. Hot wire bottle cutting machine is fitted with a high standard of Kanthal wires which is used for cutting the sample. It assures that the area of sections which are sliced will be highly accurate and will not leave uneven edges. Interested clients can place a purchase order for Hot Wire Bottle Cutter from Mumbai and other vital industrial towns of India.

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