Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Pantnagar

Bottle cutter is a digital version instrument which is design to cut PET bottle or containers precisely into three sections. The machine is used widely in the packaging industry for conducting section weight analysis. Now get Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for testing quality of Plastic bottles.


The Bottle cutter is designed as per international standards and is widely used for estimation of section weight in PET containers. It is equipped with Kanthal wires which are heated and used for slicing up the specimen. The section width can be adjusted using knobs. The distance between the sections is also adjustable. The bottles are clamped using a specially designed bottleneck holder. The heat changes occurring in the cutting wire can be seen on the digital display screen. Also, a Variable voltage potentiometer is equipped to manage the voltage during the test. The sample clamping system assures that the specimen is not slipping during the process so that it can have a precise cut. Get Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Pantnagar for conducting a quality test on bottles with high precision.  

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