The IZOD/Charpy Impact Tester is a reliable and consistent testing instrument that is used for measuring the impact resistance of materials under sudden falling force or impact. Presto has designed a high-quality IZOD/Charpy Impact Tester NXG model that will easily reveal the impact strength of plastics and other related materials.


This lab testing equipment has been designed with high-quality industrial standards that include ASTM D256-10, ASTM D618-13, ASTM D883-12, ASTM D1204-14, ASTM D1248-12, and ASTM E691– 14. This means users will get highly accurate test results. Presto is a leading IZOD/Charpy Impact Tester NXG manufacturer in India and provides this quality testing equipment at the best prices.This lab testing instrument can be used to test for a variety of properties, such as toughness, ductility, brittleness, and strength. It is essential testing equipment for quality control.

The IZOD/CHARPY impact tester NXG model is easy to use and evaluates the impact resistance of various plastic products. The equipment is built on a rigid metallic base plate and finished in autumn grey & blue combination paint and bright chrome/zinc plating to give it a corrosion-resistant finish.
This lab testing instrument comes complete with Instruction Manual, Electrical Wiring Diagram, and Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL-approved labs.

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