Laboratory Heat Sealer in Bangalore

Heat Sealing Machine is utilized in packaging industry to inspect the quality of sealing agents at high temperature. The machine is equipped with two layers of sealing jaws that can be separately heated and the temperature controlled for sealing. Get the ultimate testing solution with Laboratory Heat Sealer in Bangalore, Karnataka and all across the nation.


The packages which are filled and sealed within the packaging line are often heated sealed and moved further rapidly. In this speed it is possible that some seals are not adhered properly and gets open leading to products loss. To test the adhesion bond of sealed packages they must be tested with Heat sealer in Lab. The machine is used to seal the packets in elevated heating conditions so that it can be checked that if the packet retains the adhesion strength just after the sealing is done. The heat control is done separately for two jaws that is upper and lower. The jaws have distinct designs to choose form, the customer can decide as per their choice. Pressure gauge is equipped on the machine to control the sealing pressure. It uses pneumatic pressure control for smooth sealing process. PID Temperature control is there for accurate heating control. The sample clamping is done using specially designed jaws, which assures zero slippage. Get Laboratory Heat Sealer in Bangalore and also across the nation.

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