Laboratory Heat Sealer in Mumbai

The heat sealing machine is used for testing the heat seal performance of adhesive material and self-adhesive seals. Equipped with digital controls and a special type of sealing jaws which can simulate the heat sealing process. Suitable for testing any size of the sealed package. You can have Laboratory Heat Sealer in Mumbai, Maharashtra and also across India.


The heat sealing process in manufacturing units involves sealing of the packages in high-temperature condition and promptly the sealed packages are moved or dropped further in the packaging line. While this the just sealed package, if not closed properly, can easily get opens leading to loss of content inside also it can disturb the packaging line. Therefore, prior using any sealant for packaging purpose it must be checked in quality labs using heat sealing machines.

The machine offers three different types of jaws which is used to seal the package. PID control for temperature so that the heating accuracy can be maintained. The pressure setting is handled pneumatically ensuring zero errors. The digital display screen records the temperature and heat. The package is kept under the jaws and sealed using pressure and temperature after which it is a test that how much resistance that sealing delivers. Get Laboratory Heat Sealer in Mumbai with high-technological features. Contact our team for a quotation today.

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