Laboratory Heat Sealer in Pune

Heat sealing machine is used for testing the quality of heat seal during the packaging process. The machine is specially designed to deliver real sealing procedures so that the behaviour of the seal could be checked during processing. You can access Laboratory Heat Sealer in Pune, Maharashtra with all the advanced features.


Sealing process in packaging department can be an issue of quality inspection. The heat sealing process includes heating of the sealing agent and binding it together. The heat sealer machine generates the exact amount of heat as per specified conditions and seals the two ends of the package using distinct mode if jaws which include plain, diamond and straight line. Then it applies heat so that it gets the bind and then the jaws are removed. Instantly after that user can watch how much resistance the seal if providing on applying the peeling process. The machine is controlled using digital mode. It is equipped with a digital display screen which is fitted with a bright LED light which helps the user in clearing the vision at low light conditions. The heat is controlled by using a microprocessor-based PID controller. A pressure gauge is fitted on the machine which can record the increasing pressure amount applied to the test process. You can get Laboratory Heat Sealer in Pune with all the features available.

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