Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Baddi

The Industrial Lab Oven is used for conducting various test procedures which uses dry heat. The Oven is a Digital Model and is equipped with uniform circulation fan, PID temperature controller for heating accuracy and Digital display screen. The machine is suitable for testing various products upon which the effect of dry heat is to be observed. Get access to the ultimate testing solution by having Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.


The plastic industry is the most competitive industry of all and demands the best day by day. To lead the market you have to assure your customers that the product you are supplying is resistant to several conditions and are strong enough to be the same for a long time validity. For this the plastic products undergo many quality test procedures. Most of them require dry heat procedure in a controlled manner. Tests like dry heat sterilization, ageing process, heat deformation test, heat resistance in polymers etc. requires use of industrial oven. The chamber is made up of mild steel material which is of a high grade quality. The digital display on the machine is microprocessor based and is highly accurate in digital conversions of heating temperature. PID controller assures high precision in heating procedure. The specimen placement trays are kept at standard design. There is an air circulation fan equipped in the chamber which ensure that the heated environment do not gets steady at one place and must be uniform at each and all corners of the chambers. Interested clients can purchase Laboratory Hot Air Oven from Baddi and also from other top industrial location of India.

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