Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Mumbai

Industrial hot air oven is used popularly in the polymer industries for conducting heat deformation, ageing, and weathering tests. It can also be used for conducting dry heat sterilization in labs. The machine is made up of mild steel material and is digitally controlled. Now you can get Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Mumbai, Maharashtra and also in other prime locations of India and abroad.


Plastic material or components used in manufacturing units must be categorized as per their quality standards. This categorization is done by testing the behaviour and properties of polymers or plastic products under distinct conditions. Some major test processes are ageing process, weathering test, heat deflection test etc. Also in some labs, dry heat is used for sterilization of lab equipment. The Industrial hot air oven is specially designed to fulfil the industry demands and testing the behaviour of the material under elevating dry heat. The machine is equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display screen and feather touch control buttons used to set test values such as temperature, time period etc. The chamber offers two specimen placement trays for easy specimen placing. High-grade fans for circulating the heat uniformly throughout the chamber so that the heat is maintained at all sections of the chamber equally. You can easily have the Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Mumbai. Just contact our team for a quotation.

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