Peel Resistance Tester

Presto manufactures premium quality of Peel Resistance Tester, which is used to measure the permanence of the adhesion ability of self-adhesive force sensitive products. The adhesion strength of the packaging products is defined as the pressure which is required to separate the coated substrates which are applied to a normal material under some standard conditions. This separation is done from a specific angle and with a particular speed.


The testing machine is designed as per the national and international standards. The Peel Resistance Tester is an ideal testing device which is used to measure the peel, tearing and other frictional properties of the adhesives, glues, laminated, packaging, fabrics, coatings, labels, tapes and other related products. The testing machine accurately measures the strength which is applied from a specific distance depending upon the requirement of adhesives.

The testing machine produces a constant rate of extension and constant rate of load control that help the users to perform numerous seal, peel or bond resistance test with a single device. The Peel Resistance Tester is equipped with two clamps. To commence the test procedure, a test sample is placed between the clamps under the set conditions. The upper clamp is the machine remains stationary whereas the lower grip moves in a downward direction with a particular velocity to test the adhesion strength of coated substrates. Presto Peel Resistant Tester helps to check the peel resistant of the adhesive materials from an angle of 180 degree with a separation rate of 300mm/min with an accuracy of +/- 2%. It is a compact and portable model. The peak hold for maximum load in memory is provided with the self-calibration facility. The instrument is designed on a rigid metallic base plate and finished with autumn blue and gray color painting to provides an elegant finish to the device.

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