Peel Strength tester in Ahmedabad

Peel strength testing machine is utilized for inspecting the adhesion strength of packaging material or pressure sensitive tapes. The bond strength of such material can be inspected by application of peeling forces using uniform speed load. Now you can get Peel Strength tester in Ahmedabad, Gujarat along with full technical support.


The adhesive products including pressure sensitive tapes or medical Band-Aids, self-adhesion packaging films etc. must be inspected for its bond strength and peeling resistance. This can be conducted utilizing the peel strength testing machine. The test machine is constructed by Prestogroup and strictly complies with ASTM D 903 test standard recognized globally. It is fitted with a load cell which is certified by NABL labs and is utilized for equal application of peeling force on the tested specimen. There are 25 mm width gripping fixtures which are used to hold the specimen from both ends tightly while performing the peeling activity. Also, there are safety limit switches, which limits the travel length of fixtures up to a defined distance. It utilizes a microprocessor based advanced digital display for showing precision based test data. There is a 180-degree sample clamp equipped on the machine and a 90-degree fixture is available on request of the consumer Now get Peel Strength tester in Ahmedabad. Contact our team today.

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