Peel Strength tester in Baddi

Peel strength testing machine which is also termed as adhesion/bond/seal testing machine is utilized for examining the resistance of adhesive material against peeling forces. The tester is suitable for testing tapes, medical bandages, pressure sensitive tapes, self-adhesive films etc. The Tester is a digital version and is equipped with distinct fixtures for range of materials to be tested. Now get Peel Strength tester in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and all other prime location in the nation.


The adhesive bonds between the pressure sensitive tapes and self-adhesive films are often inspected for their bond strength in between as the main function of the material is to deliver strong adhesion and if due to poor bond strength they fail, they are of no use to the customer. Therefore, the manufacturers seek strict quality controls over the materials and they are inspected under peeling forces. Peeling test machine, designed by presto can inspect adhesion strength and peel strength both. The sample is clamped in between two fixtures which are designed to deliver strong hold on the specimen as they must not get disturbed during the test procedures. After that, the specimen is pulled from both ends to peel it off and the force applied is calculated. It is inspected that at how much force the adhesive bonds can be broken or how much amount of peeling force it can sustain. Get the ultimate testing solution for adhesive quality control. Purchase Peel Strength tester from Baddi and improve quality standards.

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