Peel Strength tester in Bangalore

Peel/Adhesion strength tester is an ultimate testing solution for adhesive material and very widely used in packaging industries. The machine tests the ability of adhesive material to resist the peeling forces. It complies with international test standard like ASTM D 903. Now you can purchase Peel Strength tester in Bangalore, Karnataka with all the required technical support.


The adhesion bond strength of sealing agents or adhesive tapes are tested under controlled peeling forces generated by the highly advanced testing equipment, Peel strength testing machine. The equipment is fitted with load cell which is certified and calibrated by NABL labs. The load cell is used to uniformly distribute the peeling force on the testing specimen. Also there are 25 mm wide strong gripping clamps to hold the specimen. The clamps are specially designed to assure zero slippage. It is equipped with safety limit switches which can limit the travel length of peeling when required as per industry standard. The test process is controlled with a microprocessor based program. Digital display screen is fitted on the machine for accurate display of test values. The fixtures work at 180 degree angle other than that 90 degree angle fixtures are also available on customer request. Get Peel Strength tester in Bangalore and all across the world.

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