Peel Strength tester in Haridwar

Peel strength testing machine is used to evaluate the peel strength of self-adhesive material like tapes and medical bandages etc. The machine is a digital control version and is equipped with advanced features. The Peel Strength tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for estimating the performance of adhesive material.


The self-adhesive material is used for a variety of industrial purpose. It can be used for packaging material, medical tapes, and other methods. The peel strength or adhesion strength of material plays an important role. Their quality depends on this factor. The material can be tested using the Peel test machine. The machine is equipped with specially designed clamps for holding both ends of the specimen and apply peeling forces to the specimen. The digital recording section is equipped with highly sensitive control. The peeling force is instantly recorded in the machine memory. The peeling testing fixture is there to perform the test at a 180-degree angle. The 90-degree angle test fixture is also available on request. The machine is equipped with a load cell which is certified with a NABL certificate. It is used to ensure that the peeling force is uniformly distributed on the test specimen. You can get Peel Strength tester in Haridwar for measuring the peel strength of adhesive material.

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