Peel Strength tester in Mumbai

Peel strength testing machine is used for testing the bond and peeling strength of adhesive materials. Suitable for testing self-adhesive tape, pressure sensitive tapes, adhesive medical band-aid or self-sticking plastic packaging film, label and stickers. Now you can have easy access to Peel Strength tester in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Contact our nearest branch and get the ultimate testing solution today.


The adhesive materials are categorized as per their quality standards and in case of adhesive material the bond strength, the resistance to peeling forces are the properties which are checked. The adhesion strength or the bond strength plays a major role when the securing of packages depends on the sealing of a particular adhesion film. In cases of tapes and packages, the adhesion must be maintained as per the industry demand. To test the quality standards of adhesive material, peel strength testing machine can be used. The tester is equipped with a digitalized display screen which accurately converts the forces exerted into digital format. The screen is lit with a bright LED light for low light vision. The machine has a special type of grips to clamp the specimen strongly and ensure that it does not get slipped during the test. The machine is designed as per various international standards. Purchase Peel Strength tester from Mumbai and experience the best testing solution for your industry.

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