Peel Strength tester in Pantnagar

Peel tester is a unique testing machine which is designed for examining the peel strength of the self-adhesive tapes. The machine is equipped with advanced features. Get Peel Strength tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for implementation of the next-level testing solution.


The tapes and adhesive material are used in several industries and have a major role. The quality of such material is judged on the basis of their peeling strength or their adhesion bond. The Peel testing machine is able to test material such as adhesive plastic or sheet, self-adhesive tapes, bandages with adhesion properties etc. It is equipped with the special type of clamping fixtures which are designed to hold the specimen both ways. Digital mode display based on microprocessor program. On the top, a load cell is equipped which is certified by NABL labs. The cell helps in distributing the force of peeling equally on the test sample. The machine is a digital version and displays the value in digital format. Also equipped with safety limit switches for getting specified travel length. Get Peel Strength tester in Pantnagar and introduce high-level testing of adhesive materials.

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