Polariscope in Baddi

Polariscope strain viewer is optical testing equipment which is designed to detect stress and strain distributions in PET preforms. The machine has a large base platform for testing and is equipped with two source of light useful in detection of strains. The machine is popularly used in PET bottle industry. Now purchase Polariscope in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and also in other locations of India.


PET bottle are manufactured via blow moulding technique. This process involves melting of PET material and then pouring of the material into Preform structures. These shapes are first cooled down and the taken for multiple testing procedures. As it is believed that if the PET preform is OK as per the quality standards, the bottle manufactured further will also be as per the criteria set. The preform while heating, melting cooling process sometimes gets stress or strain distribution on its surface which is not corrected can deliver damaging quality outputs in the final bottles. As these defects cannot be seen through naked eyes, Polariscope strain inspecting machine is used. The machine has two special lights equipped – Monochromatic light and sodium light. Under these lighting conditions the defects are visualized clearly. The base platform used for testing has angular standard template at 90 and 45 degree angle. Get Polariscope in Baddi by connecting with us today.

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