Polariscope strain viewer is an optical measurement equipment. It is used to detect strain and stress distribution on PET preform structures. The instrument is equipped with special light sources under which the stress distribution appears clear and can be analysed properly. Now you can access the ideal testing solution with Polariscope in Bangalore, Karnataka and all other main industrial regions across India.


PET Preform while their manufacturing process which is blow moulding technique, can exhibit stresses and strain defects on their base or wall. Such defects can lead to issues in the final bottle production with disturbed appearance or imbalance issues. To inspect these defects the preform samples are tested under Polariscope strain viewer. The machine is equipped with two standard light sources under which these defects are clearly visualized. The light sources include monochromatic light, sodium lamp. It is based on the principle of if the preform contains stress defect the refractive index passing it will change its path and will generate a pattern. The defect patterns can be compared with the preform defect chart having all the patterns. The charts is standardized and can help in assessment of the issue. Get Polariscope in Bangalore with all the latest features.





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