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Polariscope strain viewer is used to inspect the stress and strain distribution in PET preforms. The machine is designed as per the international test standards. The equipment allows a clear vision of the strain defects occurring in the preforms. One can inspect even minute defects on the preforms under sodium and monochromatic light sources. Now you can have the Polariscope in Mumbai, Maharashtra and also you can have our other testing instruments with complete range.


The PET bottle is manufactured under a blow moulding technique. In this method, the PET material is melted down and poured into the preform castings. The preform is then cooled down. This preform structure is then taken for the quality testing. It is considered that of the preform clears the quality test then the bottle which will be further blow moulded using the preform will also be as per the required standards. The most concerned issue is the stress and strain distribution on the surface and wall of the PER preform structures. The Preform can be tested under the Polariscope strain viewer. The machine is equipped with two light sources, i.e. sodium light and monochromatic light under this lighting condition the defects are viewed. These defects often appear as patterns which can be then compared with preform defects chart. The preform is tested by keeping at standard angle template i.e. at 45 and 90-degree angle. Get Polariscope in Mumbai by getting in touch with our branch in Maharashtra.

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