Polariscope in Pantnagar

Strain viewer is an optical testing instrument which is used in PET preform industry. They can help the user to inspect the strain and stress distribution on preform material. Now users can purchase Polariscope in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for having quality control over the preform production.


While Bottle manufacturing, first stage which appears is the preform production. These structures are made using blow moulding technique and while encountering instant heating and the cooling method they can easily generate stress or strain distribution on their surfaces. It is considered to be some kind of defects which can also affect further bottle production. Such type of defects can disturb the shape, balance and strength of the bottle. Unfortunately, the defects are not visible through naked eyes. Hence, we need equipment which is capable of visualizing the strain distributions on the wall area. Strain viewer by Presto Group brings you an innovative technology which helps the user to see the defects clearly and also compare them with the standardised defect chart and take required actions to improve the quality. The machine is fitted with Monochromatic light and Sodium lamp under which the preform defects are clearly seen. The test platform has a standard template for placing the preform. Get Polariscope in Pantnagar for testing preform quality rapidly and precisely.  

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