Salt Spray Chamber in Mumbai

Salt Spray Tester or corrosion test chamber is a highly innovative design used for evaluating resistance quality of coating against corrosive environment. The chamber is manufactured as per international test standards and is equipped with high-technological features for user comfort in testing and monitoring. Now you can have Salt Spray Chamber in Mumbai, Maharashtra and other major cities of India.


Coating, paint and plating are applied to products to protect the outmost surface from outside salt laden conditions. The coated surface may be exposed to air or water, in both cases, the material can get easily damaged with corrosive actions in the absence of an efficient coating system. Thus, using a coating layer for an application which can deliver maximum protection and stay for long is preferred. For testing the quality of coating system they are put under salt fog test using a Salt spray tester. The test chamber generates a salt fog simulating the corrosive environment and will deliver the effect of a thousand years in few hours of testing. It is equipped with special features like HMI based touchscreen display which is used for test programming, test data recording and for monitoring live test conditions. It also allows Ethernet connectivity for user computers so that one can connect their device to the running test chamber. The corrosion chamber is triple walled using fibre reinforced material. This ensures zero heat and temperature loss during the test cycle. Get Salt Spray Chamber in Mumbai by contacting and letting us serve your testing needs better.

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