Scuff Tester in Haridwar

The scuff testing machine is utilized in the print and packaging industry to check the durability of printed design or text on the packages or the printed colour. It can simulate scuffing or rubbing on the specimen. Now get Scuff Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for testing the quality of packaging material.


The packaging banners, labels are designed to promote business and deliver important information to customers. Hence it is very important for the companies to retain the quality of the print. For that, they must be checked for expected scuffing situations. The machine scuff testing machine is equipped with a flat load which rubs the printed packaging papers using fixed speed, and number of rotations. It is equipped with advanced features and a digital based control to note that at how much rotation the printed colour is losing its quality. The test results are inspected visually by watching at 20 rotations, what is the appearance quality of the specimen. The scuffing load is equipped with a motorized arrangement for noise-free working and smooth movements. The machine is also designed as per global test standards so that the test process can be accepted overall the world. Now get Scuff Tester in Haridwar and implement quality testing on packing material.

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