Scuff Tester in Pantnagar

The rub resistance tester plays a major role in the print and packaging industry and checks the durability of printed design or text on the packages or the coating layer. It can simulate scuffing or rubbing actions on the specimen. Now get Scuff Tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for testing the quality of printed material.


The packaging material, labels are constructed to promote business and deliver vital information to customers. Hence it is very important for the companies to maintain the quality of the print. For that, they must be tested for expected rubbing conditions. The rubbing test machine is equipped with a calibrated load cell which scuffs the printed packaging material utilizing uniform speed and at a specified number of rotations. Fitted with digital version features that use digital format value to show the calculation of how much rotations the material loses its colour quality. To start the test, first, place the sample on the test area. Clamp it strong and then fix the rotation number, speed and duration of the test. Start the machine and after the complete process check the sample for its quality visually. Purchase Scuff Tester in Pantnagar and implement quality testing on coated, printed material.

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