Tensile Testing Machine in Ahmedabad

The Tensile tester is used for checking the quality of plastic material. It estimates the tensile strength of specimen by applying pulling forces. The specimen is prepared in the shape of a dumbbell. Interested clients can now have Tensile Testing Machine in Ahmedabad, Gujarat experiencing best testing solution.


The plastic material used in various industries is checked for their properties like tensile strength, breaking strength etc. These properties hold a lot of importance in polymer production. First of all, it is required for categorization as per the tensile strength. Secondly, the breaking strength may be required for evaluation of the failure of the products. The test machine is equipped with a single column travel length. It is equipped with a load cell which is responsible for exerting an equal pulling force on the specimen. There is a digitally controlled display screen which shows the current test value and also saves past test data in the memory. The tensile testing fixture is specially designed to hold the dumbbell-shaped specimen correctly and tightly. The travel length is equipped with safety limit switches for limiting the travelling distance. Get Tensile Testing Machine in Ahmedabad and all across the nation. Contact our team and place your request.

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