Top Load Tester in Ahmedabad

Top load testing machine is used for inspecting the quality of PET bottles, and containers. It exerts a compressive load on the specimen till the point it starts to buckle or get bent down. The machine is a digital model is controlled with semi-automated functions. Get Top Load Tester in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and improve the tolerance level of PET bottle production


The vertical load tester is equipped with a digital-based microprocessor software program. The software controls the recording of pressure exerted on the specimen and delivers accuracy in test data. The sample holding area is built in a way that a wide range of PET bottles having distinct shapes and sizes can get fit. The specimen clamping is strong enough to assure that while testing process the bottle must not move or it can generate an error in results. There are inverted straight plates equipped for loading compressive pressure on the specimen at a defined speed. This test process helps the manufacturers to assume the amount of pressure, their product can sustain if encounters similar situation. Implement best quality practices in your company with Top Load Tester in Ahmedabad. Contact us for quotation and get the equipment delivered at your required location.

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