Top Load Tester in Baddi

Vertical load tester is used to check the behaviour of PET bottles under increasing top load. The Machine is designed under various test standards and is digitally controlled. It can be used for testing huge range of PET bottles or containers. Now you can easily have Top Load Tester in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.


PET bottle and containers are often placed one over other in storage and in transit position. Especially when the Bottles are kept at this position for a long time. This happens when the PET bottles are either get transported to distant location or stored in warehouses for long time span. The amount of pressure experienced by the bottle at the bottom will make it generate crack or may also rupture to lose the inside content. To avoid such situations, manufacturers must assure that the Bottles must be tolerate to a fixed amount of vertical load. This can be tested with Presto’s Top load testing machine. The machine is equipped with inverted straight plates which exerts vertical compressive force and the load cell attached to it ensure that the force is uniformly distributed. Digital controls deliver test data with complete accuracy and high precision. Interested clients can now have Top Load Tester in Baddi along with other top industrial towns of India.

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