Top Load Tester in Bangalore

Top load testing machine is utilized in the PET bottle industry to estimate the resistance strength of bottle or containers against elevation vertical load. The Machine is a digital model and simulates the compression load precisely using inverted plates. The test results are visually inspected on the specimen. Access the ideal testing solution for PET bottles with Top Load Tester in Bangalore, Karnataka. Presto also caters to international borders.


PET bottle packaging is a widely used item for food and beverage and even in pharma. Other than that it is utilized for many other chemical solutions. They are preferred over another type of material due to their non-reactive nature towards most of the products. Since PET containers are used for various packaging areas they must assure a top level of quality. The most common test conducted on them is the compressive load test. For transit or storage the bottles are often placed one over the other and in such condition, the bottles kept at the base if not strong enough will easily buckle and story the shape. Thus, rejection of the bottle. Therefore, it is prescribed that the bottles must be prior checked for its tolerance level against the vertical load. Top load testing machine is designed to deliver the same elevating compression load on PET bottles for testing their resistance strength. The machine equipped with inverted straight compression plates for exerting the compressive load. It is controlled by a digital microprocessor program and assures uniform and precise load exertion on the sample. Get Top Load Tester in Bangalore with special and advanced features.

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