Top Load Tester in Haridwar

Top load testing machine, is used for performing a vertical load test on PET bottles to see their tolerance level. The machine is equipped with a special clamping mechanism to hold various sized bottles for the test. Get Top Load Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for implementing best quality control.


The PET plastic bottles are used for various packaging purpose. The PET plastic is in high demand in the market. That is due to their quality of non-reactivity and strength of sustaining load in storage and transit condition. The Load capacity of boxes can be judges with testing procedures. One such test is top load testing. It can be performed using a vertical load testing machine. The machine is equipped with a microprocessor-based program which assures accuracy in the test results. Equipped with inverted straight plates which are used for exhibiting the vertical load on the specimen till it gets crack or generates buckle on the same. The user can perform repeatable testing procedures with the machine and can have precise results every time. There is a mechanical switching off option available at the time of specimen getting buckled. In house calibration facility is available with the device for setting the equipment as per industry standards. Now get Top Load Tester in Haridwar for checking the load tolerance of bottles.

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