Top Load Tester in Pantnagar

Top load testing machine is ideal testing equipment which can simulate the real-life load faced by PET containers during storage and transit. Equipped with the latest features and digitalized control, the tester delivers highly precise results. Get Top Load Tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand and have a high level of quality control.


The PET bottles and containers are often subjected to vertical load while in storage in the warehouses or while getting transported from one location to another. The bottles are kept like one on another and so on. This way the containers which are at the base will be facing the maximum load. If the bottles are not tough enough they may break, crush or generate buckling shape. One cannot avoid such situations but yes by getting a precise prediction of exactly how much of vertical load the bottle is able to handle, the user can avoid the load at which they may buckle. This can be done testing bottles on top load testing machine. The machine is equipped with Inverted straight compression plates which pushes the sample down and applies a specified amount of pressure to see at which point the container starts to buckle. Now purchase Top Load Tester in Pantnagar and across the globe. 

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