Vacuum Leak Tester in Ahmedabad

Vacuum leak testing machine for PET bottles and containers are used to detect leakage in a plastic container under increasing pressure. The chamber increases vacuum decay condition in which the material if has any holes, will easily leak out the air and will be noted. Get Vacuum Leak Tester in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by getting in touch with our team.


The PET bottle and containers which are used for carrying products can be defective and carrying small tiny holes on the body and sometimes they are so small that is not visible by visual inspection. For which the vacuum tester is used. The machine is equipped with a PET bottle holder inside an acrylic chamber. Place the bottle inside and lock the chamber. Then start the input of water. When the specimen gets filled with the water medium completely one can apply pressure using digital controls. If the bottle is having any damaged crack or hole it will instantly leak out the air bubble in the medium. This is visually inspected easily and the pressure value is recorded on the screen. To improve the testing solutions presto group is now delivering Vacuum Leak Tester in Ahmedabad.

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