Vacuum Leak Tester in Haridwar

Vacuum leak testing machine is utilized widely in the packaging industry for checking the leak integrity of pouches and small-sized packages. The leak tester is equipped with digital controls and assures high precision at test results. Get Vacuum Leak Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for having the best leak test in packing industries.


During manufacturing, or processing and even in the packaging process there may be an option that the sample gets damaged and have leaks on them. It is not necessary that the leak will be big enough that it will be seen through naked eyes. Sometimes these defects are too small to detect. Here comes the role of Leak testing machines. The machine is equipped with a strong acrylic chamber and is transparent in nature. Below that is digital control unit which can record the pressure changes and is used to set the vacuum during the process. The machine offers highly reliable and accurate test results using precision based settings. The design strictly complies with international test standards. It also meets the USP 28 packaging practice specification. Pressure facility, Inlet Vacuum Pressure setting, and Pre-set Timer facility are available. Now get Vacuum Leak Tester in Haridwar for testing the leak integrity of packages.

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