Vacuum Leak Tester in Mumbai

Vacuum leak tester for PET bottle or containers is specially constructed Leak test chamber which is utilized for estimating the Leak integrity of PET bottles. The test chamber is controlled digitally and generates vacuum pressure difference which detects even minute amount of leakage coming on PET containers. Customers can order Vacuum Leak Tester in Mumbai, Maharashtra and in other locations of India and beyond overseas borders.


PET bottles or vessels are widely used in packaging industry like food, pharma and beverages. It can also be used in chemical factories as well due to their non-reactive nature. While being utilized for carrying out such important contents, they are expected to deliver sealed conditions for the inside content and protect them from the outer contaminants. This can be only done by using a Leakage proof material for manufacturing a PET bottle. And to inspect the quality of the PET container and ensure that the product is fulfilling the industry requirements or are as per the industry application or not, one must use strict quality control equipment like Vacuum test chambers for testing PET bottles leakage quality. The chamber is fitted with an acrylic material which is clear and strong. The chamber which is fitted on mild steel base is designed as per international leak test standards. The base machine is fitted with a pressure gauge and a digitally controlled display screen to monitor the Vacuum pressure changes and test value. The medium used for testing PET containers inside the chamber can be liquid or dry air. The Vacuum decay test method is the most performed test on PET bottles. Connect with our team and get Vacuum Leak Tester in Mumbai and other prime locations of India.

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