Vacuum Leak Tester in Pantnagar

Leak detection tester for PET bottles is widely used in the Bottle packaging industry to check the leak integrity of the bottles under distinct circumstances. The machine is designed as per global test standards. Now get Vacuum Leak Tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for improving quality control of PET bottles.


PET material made bottles or containers are famously used in several industry. Whether its food & beverages packaging or pharmaceutical or any chemical industry, they trust on the PET material due to its non-reactive nature and strength. However while the production process, the bottle may generate very small size of pores or leaks on it. These defects can lead to leakage of the inside content which can cause accidental events and product loss. To avoid such situations, the leak testing machine is used. In this, the Bottle is kept inside a medium of Air or water. The specified level of vacuum pressure is designated and then the leakage is inspected. The machine is equipped with a transparent and strong acrylic desiccator. A precise pressure gauge to keep a note of the pressure applied. Microprocessor based digital display screen to show the test values instantly. Now you can purchase Vacuum Leak Tester in Pantnagar for implanting quality control.

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