Vacuum Leak Tester in Pune

The Vacuum leak testing machine is utilized for conducting leakage testing on plastic bottles or containers. The chamber is fitted with high-class material and uses digitally controlled technology. It can perform a variety of leak tests on various sized bottles. Now get Vacuum Leak Tester in Pune, Maharashtra and all across the nation.


The PET bottles are built using high-class material and are famous for their non-reactive properties. The Bottles or container are examined for their tolerance level toward elevating vacuum pressure and leakage by utilizing Vacuum chambers. The tester is fitted with a tough acrylic chamber which is transparent in vision. So that the test process can be assessed and checked that if the specimen is leaking or not. The test medium utilized for testing can be both water and air but most of the time, water is chosen as a medium. The pressure is monitored by a gauge and a digitalized display is equipped to note the test data. The test process is fitted with advanced and precise microprocessor software so that accuracy can be noted. The appearance of the bubble is considered as product failure. Purchase Vacuum Leak Tester in Pune with full technical support and assistance.

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