Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Ahmedabad

The Non-destructive thickness gauge is used to measure the wall thickness of non-ferrous objects like wood, glass, plastic etc. The gauge works on the testing principle of a hall-effect sensor. It is designed by Olympus which is a leading brand. Get Wall thickness Gauge – Magna Mike 8600 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


The thickness gauging is a required step in every industry. Inspecting wall thickness of material, parts, components, or the final products assures that the quality standard is as per the industry set criteria and is matching the customer demands. The destructive way of testing the thickness is way too traditional and is not preferred much. The Magnamike 8600 uses a non-destructive method of measuring the wall thickness. It has a Hall-effect sensor on the probe tip and has a range of the target. The target is made up of ferrous and is inserted inside the specimen. The probe tip is placed on the other side of the wall touching the target. The tip and the target are joined with strong magnetic induction. Space which is left between the target and the probe tip is the recorded wall thickness. The machine is based upon a smart advanced software. Get Wall thickness Gauge – Magna Mike 8600 in Ahmedabad and also in other regions of Nation.





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