Wall thickness Gauge-Magna Mike 8600 in Pantnagar

Wall thickness Measuring device, Magnamike 8600, is an Olympus product and Presto Group is an authorized dealer of the product. Now you can get Wall thickness Gauge - Magna Mike 8600 in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand which is based on highly integrated software.


The wall thickness testing is an important part of material quality control. The wall thickness can tell a lot about the functions of the material. For instance, if it is a turbine, the thickness of the blade will clarify how it will functions. If it will be as per the industry requirement then the functions will be ok and if not then it may work inappropriately. The wall thickness testing machine can precisely measure the wall thickness based on Hall Effect sensor. The probe tip and the target are used in which the target is placed inside the specimen and the probe placed outside the specimen. There is a strong magnetic interaction between them which allow the probe to pull the target towards itself and space in between is the wall thickness. The device has a software-based test results output which is shown on a digital display screen. It is a huge LCD screen which shows instant recorded value and with high precision. There are Replaceable Wear Caps for the probe head to support distinct types of material testing such as Standard and Chisel type. Suitable for testing non-ferrous material. Now you can also get Wall thickness Gauge – Magna Mike 8600 in Pantnagar.

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