ASTM D429-73 is an extensively used standard for testing the adhesion strength of a rubber product to a rigid substrate. This standard is divided in to eight different types from method A to method H.

Method A- In this methods, the rubber sample is places between two metal plates held parallel to each other.

Method B- This method is also called 900 stripping test- In this method, the sample is placed on a single metal plate.

Method C- In this method the adhesion of the sample is measured with a narrow pointed specimen on the metal plate.

Method D- This is used for explaining Bonding of rubber and metal post vulcanization.

Method E- This is used for testing the adhesion of rubber tank lining that is placed on a single metal plate.

Method F- This method involves two convex metal surfaces held parallel with the rubber coating placed on them.

Method G- This method is used for determining the bond durability of dual shear cylindrical specimen with rubber-metal bonded components.

Method H- This method is used for testing the bond durability of rubber metal components in a quadruple shear specimen.

ASTM D429 -73