Address the Issue of Poor Box Quality by Testing its Box Compression Strength

Address the Issue of Poor Box Quality by Testing its Box Compression Strength

There are numerous corrugated boxes that are used all across the globe for packaging sensitive materials. These corrugated boxes are one of the finest inventions in terms of moving products in bulk from one place to another. The easy packaging and portability of these boxes contribute to their popularity.

The manufacturers of these corrugated boxes have to construct up to the status of the popularity of these boxes. This status can only be achieved by maximum durability of the boxes that ensure the safety of sensitive or perishable items packed within the boxes.

These boxes have to undergo various testing measures before they get ready for storage and shipping purposes to eradicate the scope of uncertainties such as deformation.

The Presto Group offers the box compression strength tester, a comprehensively designed lab testing instrument for the betterment of the manufacturers in the assessment of the compression strength that a corrugated box can withstand.

It is extremely crucial to perform testing as per the designated box compression test standard to ensure that there are no sorts of deformation during storage-related activities like stacking.

It is important to take a look at the box compression strength tester working module to have a better acknowledgment of its necessity within the rigid paper & packaging industry.

Working Module of Box Compression Strength Tester

The box compression strength tester is an amazing lab testing instrument designed to aid manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry with its simplistic functioning and accuracy-driven output layout.

The lab testing equipment offers a dedicated sample placement tray that has cut outs for precise and accurate positioning. The accurate placement of the specimen is necessary for maximum accuracy.

It is important to make sure that the box is accurately placed, after the placement of the box, the motorized plate situated above the lab testing instrument starts compressing the box.

The motorized platform moves with the help of a lead screw that is circularly designed for the smooth functioning of the platform. The platform exerts uniform compression force on the specimen for precise results.

The speed at which the platform compresses the corrugated box is adjusted at 12.7mm per minute in compliance with the designated standards. The kilogram force of the platform is offered at 500 KgF & 1000 KgF.  

The instrument aids the operator in profiling the specimen to ensure maximum efficiency of the performed tests with the help of the HMI-based touchscreen. The display indicates the maximum load as well as the deformity of the tested specimen for the simplistic recording of data that can lead to a critical analysis.

Once the maximum compression is exerted, the motorized plate comes back to its original position due to the provision of limit switches that limit the overtravelling of the platform avoiding any sort of jeopardies or damage to the instrument.

The instrument is also equipped with high-end features to assist manufacturers in post-testing measures along with promoting single-handed operations.

Features of Box Compression Strength Tester

The first and foremost feature of the box compression test machine is the overtravel limit switch that enables the operator to perform testing with absolute facile and no hassle of immediate turn off after the max load is obtained.

The HMI-based touchscreen that makes the instrument box compression tester computerized offers a lot of features to aid manufacturers. The display allows the operator to profile the sample along with easy data recording features which enable the operator to critically analyze the results and compare them with previously obtained results as well.

The HMI touchscreen also offers different testing methods which are the measurements against force, displacement & time.

The instrument also offers a precisely manufactured circular lead screw for the smooth functioning of the compression plate or the motorized platform. The lead screw ensures uniform compression over the specimen to attain maximum accuracy consistently.

The instrument is constructed with mild steel material that is coated with 7-layered powder paint to ensure long-term durability against atmospheric evils for instruments like rusting & corrosion.  

To achieve the highest accuracy as mentioned in the box compression test standard, the Presto Group has provided dedicated cutouts for the placement of the corrugated boxes and acquire maximum accuracy while conducting the test.

There are certain questions that pop up in the minds of manufacturers prevailing from the rigid paper & packaging industry.

FAQs Regarding Box Compression Strength Tester

Ques. Why is it necessary to conduct compression tests with a box compression tester?

Ans.  It is highly necessary & crucial to test the compression strength of corrugated boxes in order to ensure maximum safety of the items that are being shipped or stored. These corrugated boxes are tested against compression which determines their durability against stacking and thus ensures the safety of sensitive items packed within.

Ques. How does the box compression tester ensure safety against any accidents?

Ans. The box compression tester computerized is equipped with highly advanced level of safety features complimented by an HMI-based touchscreen. The instrument is equipped with a provision of limit switches that prevent the compression plate from overtraveling which can cause damage to the instrument.

Ques. What materials can be tested with a box compression tester?

Ans. The Box compression testing machine is designed dedicatedly for manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industry to assess the durability of only corrugated boxes against compression. The compression force acts as a real-life stacking simulation as seen with corrugated boxes during storage transit.

Get Your Hands on the Box Compression Strength Tester

To get your hands on the ergonomically designed & precisely engineered lab testing instrument, visit our website right now and call us directly at +91 9210903903 to place an order and clear further queries. To give us feedback you can write to us via e-mail at The Presto Group aims to serve customers an assurance of quality by helping manufacturers walk hand-in-hand with constantly improving technology to keep a step ahead of competitors. 


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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