Deep Freezers for Medical Laboratories

Deep Freezers for Medical Laboratories

Deep freezers are the testing equipment that are used to preserve and store food products, medical equipment, blood samples, medicines and injections, etc. for a long period of time. Deep Freezers are used for industrial purposes as well as for household purposes. Moreover, deep freezers are also used in restaurants and supermarkets to preserve the raw food for a long period of time. There are numerous types of deep freezers such as blood bank refrigerators, freezer drier, ultra-low deep freezer, deep freezer vertical and many more. These devices are available in different sizes and shapes sometimes it is designed with compact designs and sometimes with regular designs. The specifications and functions of the instruments varies as per the requirements of the test application.

What are Ultra-Low deep Freezers?

Ultra-low deep freezer is highly sophisticated testing machine which designed and fitted with a cooling compressors and CFC free refrigerants. These freezers are installed to create highly effective cooling consistently inside the cabinet. The air cooling compressors of the freezer are designed with aerodynamic fans and washable condense filters which keep the internal environment free from dirt and dust. The instrument helps to look into the mechanical behavior and characteristics of the rubber and polymer and other medical or industrial products at low temperatures. The initial stages of the test procedure of the device involve a satisfactory technique for low temperature testing. Simple temperature effect includes the glass transition, crystallization, effects of solubility and many more.

Different Specifications of Ultra Low Deep Freezers

If we talk about deep freezers, the temperature range inside these chambers can be set from -10 degree Celsius to -60 degree Celsius. The deep freezers are constructed using stainless steel materials and the outer chamber is designed using mild steel and duly painted with blue and grey color and coated with bright chrome plating. The manufacturers of Ultra-Low Deep Temperature Freezer offer different models of deep freezers with different specifications such as models with different capacity, input power, weight, control panel, etc.

Use of Ultra low Deep Freezers in Medical Laboratories

  • For storing Blood Samples and Medical samples – The Ultra-Low Deep Freezers are widely used in medical laboratories and for industrial purposes to store chemicals, bloods, tissue cultures, and other medical samples that can only be stored and preserved in low temperature range. It is quite obvious that no medical samples & chemicals can be stored in high-temperatures and chemicals. These freezers are totally different from the regular freezers as they do not maintain constant temperatures but these devices helps to set different temperatures as per the test requirement. The temperature range of deep freezers can be set between 0 to -10 but the temperature of the freezers that are used in laboratories and medical industries can be set up to -60 degree Celsius.

  • Helps to Preserve Medicines to prevent them from Spoilage – Apart from preserving blood samples, they are used to preserve medicines and prevent the medicines from spoilage. These deep freezers are also known as Medical Refrigerators that are used to preserve stem cells of newly born baby for many years that can be used to prevent them from diseases in future.
  • Enhance the life of injections and Vaccines – Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezers are used to enhance the life of the vaccines and injections.

How the Deep Freezers work?

Mechanical or single compressor based freezers can easily reach the temperature range -40 degree Celsius or -50 degree Celsius. Apart from that a freezer which is equipped with two compressors are used to create the temperature below the mentioned limit. To utilize the efficiency of the compressors and to extend the life of the compressors, the small compressors automatically get turn off whenever the set temperature is reached whereas the big compressor should remain On continuously for maintain the consistency in temperature.

Factors to be considered while purchasing Ultra low deep freezers

There are several factors that need to be considered while purchasing Ultra-Low Deep Freezer- Touchscreen to fulfill the requirement of different applications. The buyer must always look for various provisions whether they are provided with the machine or not such as:

  • Communication port,
  • Data logger or data storage,
  • Proper provision of alarm that can be triggers when the temperature reaches the set point,
  • Door open or door closure provision,
  • Temperature uniformity or temperature recovery options.

High-end and premium quality of deep freezers helps to maintain uniform temperature inside the chamber and quickly recovers the same once the door is closed after opening. When the door is opened, warm air of outside environment enters the freezer that causes the device to work harder for a period of time to maintain the set temperature and to condense or freeze water vapor in the chamber itself. The speed at which the freezer maintains temperature jaunts is a function of high-end compressors that reserve the capacity according to the thermostat and maintain the cold temperature all across the cabinet even in the presence of heat load.

Purchaser of Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezers can go for multiple options but once you purchase the highly standardized and user-friendly testing device from a reputed manufacturer, it will help you out to reap huge benefits of it.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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