Determine the Strength Required to Open the Bottle Closures with the Torque Tester

Determine the Strength Required to Open the Bottle Closures with the Torque Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Bottles are the prime choice for all the manufacturers from the beverage industry for the packaging of fluids. These bottles have revolutionized the packaging of fluids since their introduction. They are top-quality containers that are available in different types, whether premium or affordable. The availability of bottles in different variants has captured industries like pharma, liquor, beverage, etc.

These bottles are the foremost option because of the ease of using these bottles along with their extremely simplistic design. The containers & bottles that are used across industries by manufacturers have a closure on top which seals the fluid inside and prevents it from contamination. However, the construction of the closures is tricky and must be done with precision.  

To ensure maximum consumer satisfaction and elevate the brand reputation it becomes necessary that each & every aspect of the final product must be top-notch and free from any compromise. The bottle closures are an important aspect of the containers & bottles therefore they must undergo a certain test that evaluates the strength or force required to open & close these bottles.

It becomes necessary to conduct these tests to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. These bottle caps are made of variable materials, hence designing these closures becomes difficult which is the reason for bottle closure testing.

The Presto Group offers an ergonomically designed lab testing instrument called the digital torque tester. The instrument is a result of engineering perfection as it is equipped with an extremely simplistic functioning process that elevates the testing adeptness.

Functioning Process of the Digital Torque Tester

The digital torque tester is constructed with an extremely simplistic working module to expedite the testing of bottle caps due to the increasing demand in the concerned industries.

To commence with the test, the operator has to remove the safety latch or safety key from the base plate which is attached to ensure that the base plate does not rotate or move on its own and ensure precision while testing.

The operator must make sure that the specimen does not exceed the size of the base plate i.e. 150mm. the operator can now place the specimen between the four knobs.

After placing the specimen, the operator must clamp the four knobs with the help of the rotating wheel associated with the instrument which encourages the single-handed working of the instrument.

Once the specimen is firmly clamped between the 4 designated knobs, the operator can easily open the closure of the bottle or the container. The force exerted to perform the opening of the bottle or container is depicted on the microprocessor-based digital display that is associated with the instrument.

The results of the torque test can be easily retrieved with the help of the control panel and the thermal printer.

The torque tester for bottles is equipped with a control panel that enables the operator to perform the entire without any hassle and still deliver pinpoint accuracy consistently. It has many other features that have gained the assurance of manufacturers from all across industries.

Enriching Features of the Digital Torque Tester

The digital torque tester is equipped with so many top-quality features that none of the manufacturers could ignore the instrument to get their hands on it and start using it.

The highest-rated feature of the torque tester for bottles is the inclusion of 4 tightening knobs with an assembly of a rotating wheel. The feature not only ensures zero slippage of the specimen but also encourages the operator to perform single-handed testing.

The lab testing instrument is also equipped with feather touch controls that ensure easy & simplistic working without any hassle. The thermal printer associated with the instrument also allows the operator to keep track of records with absolute facile as the memory hold button records up to 9 previous testing results.

The torque tester has another safety feature embedded within called the safety latch or safety key for the base plate. The base plate of the instrument must not move when the testing process is not underway or the calibration of the instrument might get disturbed. To curb this solution the manufacturers of the instrument added a top-quality safety feature to ensure no movement and thus maximum accuracy.

The lab testing equipment is offered with a robust construction with firm materials like stainless steel & mild steel that are coated with 7-layered powder paint to ensure zero corrosion and thus promote the longevity & durability of the instrument.

There are certain questions that are usually framed for the digital torque tester from various industries. Some of these questions are answered by the experts at the leading lab testing instrument manufacturers – Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd.

FAQs regarding the Digital Torque Tester

Ques. What is the working principle of the torque tester?

Ans. The digital torque tester works on a simplistic working principle called the rotating torque measurement. The instrument measures the torque or rotating force required to open the closure of bottles & containers.

Ques. What is the size of the base plate?

Ans. The size of the base plate is 150 mm which allows even medium-sized containers to get tested with ease.

Ques. Which industries align with the digital torque tester?  

Ans. The industries that associate themselves with the digital torque tester are pharmaceuticals, liquor, beverage, packaging, bottle/ container & closure manufacturing, and other industries because of the worldwide use of bottles & containers for fluid packaging.

Get Your Hands on the High-End Digital Torque Tester

The digital torque tester is one of the most ergonomic yet advanced lab testing instruments designed by the Presto Group. If you want to measure the rotating force required to open the closures of bottles, you must get your hands on this highly advanced lab testing instrument you can reach out to us on our website.

To book a free trial or to book the instrument right away, feel free to call us at +91 9210903903 or write to us by e-mail at

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