Easily determine impact toughness of materials with Izod test

Easily determine impact toughness of materials with Izod test

The impact tests are designed to measure the resistance of failure of material when a sudden force will be applied. This type of force will include collision, falling object or instantaneous blow. This test is very useful to measure the impact of energy. One of the best testing machines used to conduct this test is the digital izod impact tester by Presto Testing Instruments. This amazing testing instrument is used in quality control applications where it is the necessity of fast and economical tests.

This machine is carefully designed by the skilled team of Presto Testing Instruments that will be helpful in comparing the impact resistance of plastics. While being standard for plastics, this machine will be used in other materials. Here you will get the information about izod and charpy impact tester.  

You can easily calculate the relative toughness or impact toughness of materials with the help of this testing instrument. You can easily get the impact strength of materials under some operational conditions. The Izod test will vary depending on the material that will be used for testing. The metallic samples tend to be square in cross-section while if we talk about the polymeric samples then they will stick parallel to the long axis of the rectangle. The test samples used there will usually have a V-notch cut into them.

The Presto is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of digital izod impact testers. The impact value of the specimen or the testing sample will tend to change with the temperature. When the temperature will get lower down then the impact energy of the material will get decreased. The size of the specimen will also affect the value of the izod impact test. This is because the larger will be the size the more will be the number of imperfections present in the material. It will help to low the impact of energy.

How izod impact tester will be helpful in improving your product?

The impact tests are designed to measure the resistance of failure of a material to a suddenly applied force. This force will be a collision, falling object or instantaneous blow. With the help of a digital izod impact tester, you can easily compare the impact resistance of plastics or other materials. When you take this test, then it will be easy for you to evaluate the relative or impact toughness of materials. Once you evaluate the relative toughness of the specimen then you can easily improve your product quality. Thus, with the help of this test, you will easily be able to determine the behaviour of materials under actual operational conditions. The digital izod impact tester will test specimen will vary depending on what actual material will be tested.

Performance of izod and charpy impact tester

With the help of this testing instrument, you will easily be able to evaluate the impact resistance of plastics and works on the principle of the pendulum method. This consistent tool will be used to measure the impact resistance of materials under sudden falling impact.

The izod impact testing will be useful in testing the materials like plastics and metals. But when you will make use of this charpy impact test then you can easily test the metals. The charpy impact test will include the u-notch and v-notch while the v-notch is used in the digital izod impact tester.

So, to perform these tests with the help of these testing instruments, you can easily purchase them from Presto.  The toughness and other properties of materials will get tested with the help of these tests. Email us at info@prestogroup.com or directly call us to get a free quotation.

Let’s summarize

If you want to test the relative toughness of materials like plastics and metals then we suggest you make use of a digital izod impact tester designed by Presto. The specimen will be clamped vertically for determining the vertical impact of materials. If we talk about chirpy tester then you will easily perform this test on both ambients as well as reduced temperature. Thus to conduct both these tests, you can get help from Presto Testing Instruments. We will assist you in the most effective way.

You can also get information about Rigit Plastic Testing Instruments. To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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